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Target Lien Search provides accurate, reliable, fast lien search results you can count on. Get a 100% guaranteed report backed by a $1 million E&O insurance policy. Our reports are completed by professionals to ensure thorough research and total precision. Let Target Lien Search provide you with affordable search results so you can move forward with your real estate transaction as quickly as possible.

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  • Municipal Lien Search

    Target Lien Search will search and find any liens assessed against a property pertaining to ordinances and violations, permits, waste fees, taxes, service charges and more. Our professional search team saves property buyers thousands of dollars by finding all recorded and unrecorded municipal liens.

  • HOA Estoppel Letters

    Let Target Lien Search determine what delinquent balances may be owed to the homeowners association of your property of interest. Any outstanding obligations will be brought to your attention immediately so you can negotiate with leverage and accuracy.

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See why Target Lien Search is the go-to source for all your Real Estate and Municipal Lien searches.

Protect your clients' real estate transactions with Target Lien Search. We conduct thorough, accurate, reliable municipal lien searches and HOA estoppel letters and reports. Covering all 67 counties throughout the state of Florida, Target Lien Search provides 100% guaranteed results backed by a $1 million E&O insurance policy. Our team of researchers are fast, accurate and are conveniently available to handle all your lien search needs.

Get accurate information on any outstanding debts or obligations for any type of commercial or residential property so you can negotiate with leverage and avoid unseen costs and penalties. Our municipal lien search and HOA estoppel letter services will uncover any previously undisclosed delinquencies against your property of interest before the transaction is made and those costs are passed on to your client.

Target Lien Search is fast, accurate and affordable. Our professional team of lien research experts will assist you in keeping track of your order during processing and verify the status of your order in real time until your order is thoroughly researched, your report is delivered and you are 100% satisfied. Let us help get you the quick and accurate lien search results you need today.

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